Mother Love looks at the eyelids of a Child

At night, Ana a fight with her mother. Because of very angry, she immediately left the house without bringing anything. When walking on a street, he realized that he did not bring money. When down a street, he passes a noodle shop and he smelled the scent of cooking smells. He wanted to order a bowl of noodles, but he had no money.

Shop owner for a long time to see Ana standing in front of her bar and said “Miss, do you want to order a bowl of noodles?” “Yes, but, I do not take money” Ana replied shyly “It’s okay, I’ll buy you” replied the shop owner. “Please sit down, I’ll cook noodles for you.”

Not long later, the shop owner had brought a bowl of noodles. Ana soon eat a couple of bites, and then the tears started welling.

“What lady?” Asked the tavern owner. “It’s okay, I’m just thrilled” Ana said as she dried her tears. “In fact, I know someone who just had to give me a bowl of noodles, but, my own mother, after a fight with me, threw me out of house and told me not to come back home. You, a new familiar, but so concerned with me than my real mom myself “he told the shop owner.

The owner of the shop after hearing the words of Ana, a deep breath and said, “Miss why you think like that? Think about this, I just gave you a bowl of noodles and you’re so moved. Your mother was cooking noodles and rice for you when you were little until now, why do not you thank him? And you even arguing with him ”

Ana, they will be shocked to hear this. “Why I do not think about it? For a bowl of noodles from a new person I knew, I was so grateful, but to my mother who cooked for me over the years, I did not even show kepedulianku him. And just because a trivial issue, I had a fight with him.

Ana, immediately spend bakminya, then he braced himself to go home to his house. As I walked into the house, he thought the words to say to his mother. Once in the house doorway, he saw his mother with his face weary and anxious. When meeting with Ana, the first sentence that came out of his mouth is “Ana you’re back, go fast, I was making dinner and eat before you sleep, food will be cold if you do not eat them now.”

At that Ana could not hold back her tears and she cried before his mother.

Once upon a time, we probably would be very grateful to others around us for a little help given to us. But to someone who is very close to us (family) especially our parents, we must remember that we thank them for the rest of our lives.

Often we think their sacrifice is a normal natural process, but the love and concern for our parents is the most precious gift given to us since we were born.

message from me

Everything feels right when we are not with him, when he disappeared from daily life, as we still get together often we can not feel a kindness even sacrifice, seems to be something ordinary and commonplace


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saya adalah mahasiswi di sebuah universitas swasta yg terletak di jakarta, saya orang nya pinter bergaul.
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